Samsung Flip – Digital Flip Board that Does not Flip at All

October 3, 2018 @ 9:28 am

Nope , this is not a brand new flip mobile phone, though Samsung certainly produces those (in Korea And China only). This white board does not even flip. It in fact rotates, but to name it Samsung Turn would sounds kinda boring. You can call the product whatever you wish but, in the end, the Samsung Flip would have gathered your entire notes and also brainstorming towards a more “natural” but really modern way, joining the continually growing digital whiteboards like the ones from Microsoft And Google.

If you think about it, just how many varieties of digital whiteboards do you actually need anyway? To be honest, not much really, but obviously, most of these tech companies have their particular ecosystems and would like that you stay locked into all those. Samsung is a bit coy about how exactly it is going to work with its very own army of Personal computers, mobile phones, and services, aside from the Flip will easily recognize content material from many of these connected devices.

digital whiteboard

So you’ve got a 55-inch screen that either can be positioned in landscape or portrait. Next you have what Samsung refers to as a “Passive Pen”, that has, not like various other passive styluses, pressure level of sensitivity. You can make use of this to write the same way you would with a marker over a whiteboard, though you can also draw the board using your finger.

Additionally there is a feature where one can get rid of content from the screen using your palm or finger, just like you turned your palm right into a board eraser. Strangely enough, patents have not long ago surfaced revealing that the company has something very similar for mobile phones, most likely the Galaxy Note 9 down the road this year. Oh yea, and not like old fashioned whiteboards, erased content do not always stay wiped out permanently.

Although it might seem like something nice to have in the tiny team office, Samsung Flip is most probably, like the Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard, targeted at larger sized businesses that are able to afford it. To learn more about Samsung Flip, you can go to

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