Friends With Benefits NBC comedy series

October 17, 2017 @ 5:06 am
Friends With Benefits
Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits is NBC comedy series depicting an everyday life of the five twentysomething friends. All of them are single and are willing to find a significant other, yet for the time being have to settle for less. Ben, Sara, Aaron, Riley, and Julian explore the unpredictable world of dating in search for their true love, and are always ready to help and support each other, even when it means a little bit more than just friendship. Ben is looking for his ideal woman, but his steep demands make him fail to succeed over and over again. His best friend Sara is willing to find a decent man to create a family, yet in the meantime she often turns to Ben for both moral and physical support, and he reciprocates her feelings. Tech genius Aaron, together with a womanizer Julian and stunning Riley are also distraught with their amorous misfortunes, but all five of them remain faithful and devoted friends.

Friends with Benefits Trailer

From the director David Dobkin, executive producer Brian Grazer, and writers Michael H. Weber and Scott Neustadter, Friends with Benefits is a long-expected romantic TV show, and lots of people are looking forward to finally see it on air. Currently the admirers of this series have a possibility to view several Friends with Benefits trailers and create their own opinion about the upcoming show This TV show offers its viewers an intimate glimpse at the life of common Chicago youngsters in their attempt to find ‘the one’. However, dreams and plans for ‘ideal’ life can be significantly different from the real one, and the main characters of this series can be a great example to prove this statement. As we can see from the Friends with Benefits trailer, the dating experience of the series’ heroes as a rule are disappointing, but true friends are always ready to help and console in any situation.

Friends with Benefits Rules

Friends with Benefits show us clearly that a search for true love in the modern world is a very complicated process, and dating can be not only pleasant and exciting, but also uncomfortable and exhausting. After such dates friends like Ben and Sara are looking for the alternative ways to wind down, and sometimes find them in each other’s bedroom. Friends with Benefits rules may seem strange, but that’s just the way it it between the heroes of this TV show. Their relationship balance on the verge of friendship and romance, and you never know what to expect, as the turnaround of events in every next episode can be very sudden. Anyway, if you get accustomed to Friends with Benefits rules, you’ll definitely enjoy this great romantic TV show which surely is worth expecting.

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