Keep Your Wood Fence Beautiful

When taken care of, a wooden fence can last for decades. Although you can hire a professional to perform repairs and routine upkeep, amateur home repairmen can perform wooden fence maintenance. Your fencing contractor will tell you, “Cleaning your fence, fixing any damage, and applying stain or paint can keep wooden fences in good condition.” say Rock Carmichal of Sacramento, CA. “As the years pass, you’ll be able to help your fence remain a constant fixture in your yard.”

If you’re the proud owner of an attractive looking wood garden fence it can be a constant source of annoyance and stress, especially if you live somewhere that experiences the full force of the wind. If you live in a location like this and your fence lasts five years or more without any partial collapse, count yourself lucky.

My husband and I moved into our current home in late summer 2004, when the house was just two years old. It’s around 500 feet above sea level looking due West towards the prevailing weather and the sea, very salty and windy. As you can imagine the views are spectacular but it can get very wild up here, especially in winter.

How To Care For a Wood Fence

A wood fence can be a great way to give a home a definitive border. It also changes the look of the house. But over time, wood fences rot away

Typically, wood fences, especially those going up around newly constructed homes, are made of cedar or redwood.

“They are more resistant to rot and decay than other species, ” says Jack Holt, owner of Holt Lumber in Fresno, Calif. “They’re not structurally as strong as Douglas fir, which is used in framing a house, but for anything that is exposed to the elements, those are the two species of wood used.”



A wood fence is a great way to keep your property private. However, the nature of the wood means it’s not indestructible. It needs to be regularly maintained. This does take some work, although if performed on a regular basis, it needn’t take up too much time. The tasks are very simple.

Step 1 – Pickets

Check all the pickets on the fence to make sure no nails have come out or that none of them have started to rot. Hammer in any loose nails or replace with new ones. Where a picket is rotting or broken, put in a new one. Where you have sectional fencing, test each of the sections to check that it’s secure. If any are leaning, you’ll need to ensure they’re replaced in the ground properly so they’re straight. 

Step 2 – Cleaning

Where there’s mildew on any sections of the fence, you’ll need to clean it off. You can use a purchased mildew cleaner for the job or go with soap and water and a scrub brush. Hose the area down afterward with clean water.

Step 3 – Painting

Every few years, your wood fence will need to be repainted or stained. You can do this with a roller, a brush or a paint sprayer, but be aware that there can be problems using a sprayer, as there will inevitably be overspray. You can place cardboard behind the fence and above it, but the simpler solution will be to go with the brush or roller, as this will allow you to get into all the nooks and crannies of the fence, especially down where the fence meets the ground.




Another motivating factor is that you get easier by losing weight. As the body becomes a more efficient fat burning machine, it also becomes better to let go of fat and any excess kilos. Smart, isn’t it?

Should you still need a single extra reason to slow down and distances, keep in mind that good stamina in itself tells a lot about your health and well-being. Endurance is very much worth having, both inside and outside the running shoes.


Surprisingly, for some, you may also find that you are speeding down and slowing down your journey. What lies in being persistent is also that you are able to keep a given speed for a long time.

However, this does not mean that you can settle for the long trips if you really want to be a faster runner. In order to stay, next to train interval training, you need to stimulate your maximum oxygen uptake. According to Claus Hechmann, you have to do this 1-2 times a week – but no more. For though the short and intensive training has its advantages and can produce results in the short term, one-sided hard and intensive training will break down the body. It makes you tired and increases your risk of running into injuries and stagnation. And is a potential motivational killer, he explains and says:

– Let 60 percent of your workout take place in a comfortable pace where you can talk along the way. The next 20 percent of the training may be faster, but still needs to be relatively comfortable. It gives you a total of 80 percent training that improves your fat burning. The last 20 percent challenge you yourself by interval training and running so much that you really get pressed for breathing. Here you get really trained and improved your oxygen uptake.


Everyone can learn to run long, but many begin after Claus Hechmann’s perception of the wrong place. In fact, most exercise runners should start with a large part of the training, especially if you are a beginner.

  • If you have no experience with long trips, you have not built up your endurance yet. Initially, you therefore get the most out of focusing on quiet trips, where you gradually work with the distance and always keep your profits, says the expert.
  • When you can run 10 km in one hour, you can start introducing “full” running training. But even here it will be good to periodically combine your race with brisk walking and fun.
  • Variation in training is absolutely crucial, no matter what level you have when your shape has to develop. There should be a big difference between the tempo you use for interval training, and the pace you run your longer, quiet trips, emphasizes Claus Hechmann.
  • Tip!Endurance training requires more time than a high-intensity 20-30 minute trip, so plot the long workouts into the calendar a week or a whole month forward so that they are sacred.

Things You’re Missing When Buying a Commercial Property

Are you looking to purchase your own commercial property space? Or are you an investor looking to invest  in commercial properties for higher returns?  

If your answer is a resounding “yes”, then you will want to read on as you will learn the two most important financial concerns you need to look out for when  buying a commercial property.

Loan interest rates

If you’re not considering a commercial property loan when it comes to buying a business space, then you may be missing out alot. Smart investors know the power of leveraging on loans to build them build equity in their businesses.

Therefore,  before you decide on any mortage loan, it is important that you understand the difference between fixed and floating interests.

Generally, fixed interest rates are more attractive to small business owners as the monthly loan repayments are fixed for several years, especially so when there’s higher fluctuations in the market, opting for fixed interest rate mortgages. can help businesses or investors limit their exposure to those fluctuations.


Like anyhwere else in the whole, commercial property rental in Singapore vaires considerably according to location.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get a commercial property for investment, it is important to conduct research on the rent prices in the area you are considering of buying at. Don’t forget to also examine the property type and location, as these can have a great impact on rental yield.

Take for example in recent years, commercial retail space prices are falling drastically. which will inevitably impact the retail commercial property rental yield as well.

For other commercial property types, like office spaces for example, the newly renovated unit in a new, nice building can for sure command higher rents as compared to a run-down office building in the same location. THerefre, it is important that you look at all aspects of the business property before deciding on one. 

Donut Craze in Old Sacramento

How to Make Donuts

I’m going to walk you through the steps before getting to the recipe just so you can see exactly what’s about to go down. I understand homemade glazed doughnuts seem a little intimidating, but I assure you– they’re really not! I made them last Monday in only about 2 hours– and most of that time was sitting around waiting for the dough to rise/snapchatting every single step/planning on eating super healthy the rest of the day because homemade glazed doughnuts.

Homemade doughnuts are a fun and tasty do-it-yourself project. Master these irresistible fried pastries.

Getting Donuts in Old Sacramento

Some think that Seattle and Portland are the Donut Capitols of America, but we think nothing beats Danny’s Donuts in Old Sacramento

True, you can always buy doughnuts — most supermarket bakeries sell them, and nearly every town has a doughnut shop. But making homemade doughnuts yourself brings its own sweet rewards: Yours will be fresher and better — and it’s a great project for a rainy weekend afternoon.

What Are Doughnuts?

Doughnuts (also spelled donuts) are deep-fried pastries made from dough. Doughnutlike fried pastries appear in many forms the world over, from savory to sweet. However, in the United States, doughnuts are most often sweet treats, commonly enjoyed at breakfast or as a midmorning or midafternoon snack. Although doughnuts are sometimes filled with jam or pastry cream, the most common American doughnut type is circular with a hole in the middle — it looks like a puffy, chubby ring.

The Hole Story

How the hole ended up in the center of the doughnut is unclear, but one believable story is that in the mid-18th century, a Maine baker’s apprentice was frustrated by a succession of fried pastries that turned out with underdone centers. The apprentice decided to poke holes in the pastries before frying to help them cook more evenly.

Doughnut Styles

There are two basic ring-style doughnuts:

Raised or yeast doughnuts: These call on yeast for leavening and need to rise before frying.Cake doughnuts: These call on baking powder for leavening; the batter needs to be chilled before rolling to make it easier to handle.

Electric Bicycles – The Modern Green Transportation


Although it’s been an extremely major issue, automobiles continue to be among the most crucial need to live in this world. Not even the increased prices of gas and various other petroleum products, pollution and its particular effects on everybody’s health and crashes that killed nearly hundreds of thousands every single day will make people steer clear of their cars. Transportation is just an important need that needs to be satisfied and automobiles helps to ensure profound results for everybody.

But is it actually so simple to have a vehicle at this time? After saying most of the apparent problem with having a car, there is nonetheless a huge list of downsides that is included with having to drive an automobile on a daily basis. But not surprisingly, we cannot quit driving automobiles and be home more since that will simply set activities to a stop. But you may be wondering what if I show you there are many solutions to start with your everyday life, going from a single place to one other, while not having to turn that suv key of your own? Let me tell you, there are. And among them is by using an electric powered bike.

sepeda listrik

The electric bike that uses li battery pack can go around 20 miles an hour in only a single charge, based on weight and riding styles. Such type of two-wheel transportation are pretty much silent, emit no emissions, does not use high-priced oil, does not require too much space to use or park, will never need a tune-up and still provide exercise. So quite simply, it will take away just about all the disadvantages of using costly transportation mode like automobiles while doing so offering more to oneself and the natural environment. Apart from those, using electric powered bicycles is usually efficient because people can weave traffic very easily as opposed to their typical big automobiles.

Electric powered bicycles available today are a tad pricey. Nevertheless, there is also a way where everyone can have one without needing to spend a lot of money. There’re called electric powered bicycle motor kits. These are generally kits that could change your normal bike to a recharged electric type having extra kick compared to a pedal-power. Any sort of bike with steady structure is enough and can be converted to a cutting-edge transportation mode.

Obviously, the most crucial part of the electric powered bicycle motor kit is the electric motor, which is commonly a hub motor. Such type of motor ıs definitely an electric one made straight into the hub of the rear or front wheel. A plus to this design is the fact that you require no more transmission system, thus increasing the effectiveness of the drive system. This layout also will not involve belts, chains or gears. Basically the electric motor is a hub of this wheel and has two concentric rings of opposing electromagnets. Once power in the battery is used on the motor the opposing magnetic force triggers the wheel to rotate. This sort of motor is practically quiet and will involve zero maintenance. The greater the power consumption of the electric motor, the greater power it gives.

Electric bicycle certainly is the green method of travel that many people have been on the lookout for. It will offer a very efficient replacement for your cars. And also, it will help minimize pollution and our reliance on non-renewable fuels. Riding an electric bicycle give you a little exercise while practicing your everyday life. Many benefits to this simple solution. True, it will not solve our problems within a day, yet it’s a practical first step.

Electric Scooters Are More Compact To Carry Everywhere

Electric scooters are preferred by most young people to travel short distances quickly and easily. Electric scooters are the cheapest and most convenient mode of transportation. They can be parked anywhere and can pass narrow lanes with minimal discomfort.

There are many types of electric scooters produced everywhere. Some scooters have seats and pedals that are activated with dynamo. Some scooters do not have seats or pedals and are controlled with throttle. This type of scooter is specifically for children who have to stand on footrests. In fact, there are also scooters specially made for physically disabled people. Electric scooters can be a great gift for seniors or disabled people with difficulty walking. With electric scooters, they get their freedom again. This type of scooter makes them feel like they really have their feet back. They can now take a glass of water, go out and take a morning newspaper or even take a dog for a walk. This type of scooter is fully battery operated and can be switched on by pressing a button. However, the speed of the scooter is very low.

electric scooter

Of the several types of electric scooters available on the market, there are several scooters with higher performance. This kind of scooter can explore up to 7-8 km with a speed of 18-20 kph. Some scooters look like mopeds with features like ignition keys, batteries and charging indicators in different models. In addition, there are also scooters that can be folded. These scooters can be folded and inserted into cars, buses and trains when the battery runs out. This folding scooter body is very compact and can be stored in a corner of the room in a folding position. Another available electric scooter is a scooter that looks like an Italian-made Vespa run with gasoline. This scooter can actually be called a scaled down Vespa scooter. However, there are many differences on these two scooters. Electric scooters are much lighter than gasoline-powered scooters because electric scooters don’t have large engines. The body of an electric scooter is more compact than an oil-fueled scooter. Electric scooters can go up to a maximum speed of 30kmph. Electric scooters have all the features like conventional scooters such as headlights, bumpers, throttles, brake cables, etc.

If you are interested in buying an electric scooter, you can visit The website sells Ojo electric scooters that are suitable for adults. Ojo electric scooters are available in various colors. For technical features and specifications, you can go directly to

Electric Scooter is Comfortable and Fun for Commuting

Many kids nowadays use scooters; you witness it in various countries. Scooter has been around for a long time; my father once made a scooter out of wood for my brother. Presently, the scooter has used aluminum material. The newest is the electric scooter. With electric power, you no longer need to push and just sit quietly exploring the neighbourhood where you live, creating jealousy among those who still use “muscle power” on their scooters.

Push Scooter

Push scooter is arguably the most popular type that is still often used by children. This day, the material used is aluminum and is made with various models and colors from various manufacturers. You can buy it at the big department stores in your city. Usually, the scooter used by children is powered by a rechargeable battery.

electric scooter

Electric Scooter

Children’s scooter is the best gift for those who are active teenagers. An electric scooter is environmentally friendly vehicles and can be fun for everyday use. In fact, some electric scooters are intended for adults. This battery-powered scooter is excellent for adults and those who are teenagers. This vehicle is very minimal with regards to proper maintenance. Electric scooters can go pretty fast, but it’s still safe in terms of safety. However, it is advisable to use a helmet when riding an electric scooter.

Scooter Safety

Scooter safety is important for all people who use a scooter, or children who drive scooters. Scooter safety is very important, especially when used by teenagers. The safety function in electric scooters is important considering the surge in scooter sales in recent years. Regardless of the driver is a teenager or an adult who thinks that scooters are an economical alternative to driving a car, learning about the safety is something that needs to be done, even before the scooter was purchased.

A helmet when riding a scooter

To reduce the chance of injury during a fall, consider using a good quality headgear or helmet – a helmet, gloves and knee and elbow pads. Helmets are extremely important for safety and protection to prevent fatal head injuries. Always wear a helmet with certified quality. Don’t forget attaching the helmet strap while wearing it. Wearing a helmet every time you ride a scooter is very important. Even if you only drive half a mile on the streets, always remember to wear your helmet. Although some safety rules are clear, such as always wearing a helmet, and not driving recklessly, there are other things that must also be considered. Always use a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads to reduce serious injury during an accident.

Riding an electric scooter is fun. Even now, there are already scooters made for adults. This scooter is named Ojo Electric. Besides its dynamic design, this scooter is also equipped with contemporary features. Because this scooter is more targeted to adult users, the speed is faster than the children’s scooter. To learn more about Ojo Electric, you can visit

Digital Flip Chart: Samsung Flip Review

Samsung’s Flip 55-inch display can be described as a digital alternative to conventional whiteboards or flip-charts, and a direct rival to Google’s Jamboard and Microsoft’s Surface Hub. Compared to those of its rivals, the Flip is far more economical and seems to be a standard fit for office meeting rooms — yet how exactly does its functionality and design shape up?


These products arrive in 2 boxes which weighed around 34,9 kg. It takes 2 people to extract and set the screen and stand. However, the process is not complex because the instructions that came with it are very clear.

After you have them assembled, you will see that the screen size is pretty much similar to those traditional whiteboards. The Flip itself can be placed on a movable stand, and yes, you can move it around. The 2 main features that you will experience immediately once you turn it on is its portrait and landscape orientation; you can also change the background to white or blackboard. The entire unit is painted in light gray, with a wall mount kit included in case you want to make the digital flip chart a permanent fixture in a specific room.

The Samsung Flip allows up to 4 individuals to collaborate at the same time, by using a passive stylus or using your fingertips. If it is not being used, the pen can be placed within a pod underneath or on the left of the display (based upon orientation); as you take away the stylus out of the holder, the display screen activates, instantly ready to use. The pod is host to a motion sensor, an NFC pad (for mobile phone connection, an USB 3.0 port including a power button.

You will find even more connectors at the back of it: USB 3.0, HDMI-in and ‘Touch Out’. The Flip also has a couple of built-in stereo audio speakers at the back.

On the whole, Samsung Flip’s design is well thought-out — right down to specifics like the lockable wheels with a height-adjustable stand.


The Flip is a 55-inch touch-screen
Resolution: 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)
Viewing angles: 178-degree (vertical and horizontal)
Pixel response time: 8 ms

The stylus is made of wood with a thick end for highlighting and a thin tip for writing. It is easy to change the color of the pen or highlighter with just a long press of the associated part of the stylus pen over the screen, but you’ve got to go to the settings dialogue in order to change the pen’s thickness. Erasing is not hard: just wipe the display with your palm, as you would usually do on a traditional whiteboard. There is no support for pressure-sensitive inking, which means this is probably not the perfect choice for a whole lot more creative use instances. You don’t need a battery for a stylus pen.

digital flipchart

Content that you made will be saved in documents known as Rolls, and this can be as many as twenty pages long and can even be PASSWORD-protected when required. USER INTERFACE is easy, with Export And Import buttons near the top of the workspace and control keys for managing rolls.
In addition to writing onscreen, you are able to get connected to different external devices and sources to gain access to content material for your presentation or meeting. Simply press the Import button near the top of the display, and options show up for Usb, Mobile, Laptop and Network Drive.

You Can Use Smart View To Bring Up A Samsung Smartphone Onto The Flip Display, which in turn allows you to control the smartphone directly from the screen. If you want to connect your PC or laptop to Flip, simply use the HDMI. Wireless connections are also available via WiFi Display on Windows 10 and 8.1. As an alternative, you’re able to import content material from a hard drive or USB stick, or coming from a network drive. When Required You Can Lock Access To Network Drives And Usb From The Os’s Settings. You can export your content in Pdf via email, printer, usb stick/drive or network drive.


The goal of Samsung Flip is to come up with a straightforward and easy-to-use collaboration digital flipchart. With all this, as well as affordable pricing, its primary target audience is most likely enterprise sectors and small/medium-sized businesses, with common use cases in applications, advertising and product development.

Samsung Flip – Digital Flip Board that Does not Flip at All

Nope , this is not a brand new flip mobile phone, though Samsung certainly produces those (in Korea And China only). This white board does not even flip. It in fact rotates, but to name it Samsung Turn would sounds kinda boring. You can call the product whatever you wish but, in the end, the Samsung Flip would have gathered your entire notes and also brainstorming towards a more “natural” but really modern way, joining the continually growing digital whiteboards like the ones from Microsoft And Google.

If you think about it, just how many varieties of digital whiteboards do you actually need anyway? To be honest, not much really, but obviously, most of these tech companies have their particular ecosystems and would like that you stay locked into all those. Samsung is a bit coy about how exactly it is going to work with its very own army of Personal computers, mobile phones, and services, aside from the Flip will easily recognize content material from many of these connected devices.

digital whiteboard

So you’ve got a 55-inch screen that either can be positioned in landscape or portrait. Next you have what Samsung refers to as a “Passive Pen”, that has, not like various other passive styluses, pressure level of sensitivity. You can make use of this to write the same way you would with a marker over a whiteboard, though you can also draw the board using your finger.

Additionally there is a feature where one can get rid of content from the screen using your palm or finger, just like you turned your palm right into a board eraser. Strangely enough, patents have not long ago surfaced revealing that the company has something very similar for mobile phones, most likely the Galaxy Note 9 down the road this year. Oh yea, and not like old fashioned whiteboards, erased content do not always stay wiped out permanently.

Although it might seem like something nice to have in the tiny team office, Samsung Flip is most probably, like the Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard, targeted at larger sized businesses that are able to afford it. To learn more about Samsung Flip, you can go to

Samsung Flip Transforms Your Whiteboard Experience

Whiteboards are usually pillars at start-up companies around the world, but as we get sick and tired of messy chalkboards, we’re more likely to get tired of pen-stained whiteboards as well. Worry not, though – that does not mean that business owners around the globe will not be able to remain tossing their thoughts in indecipherable penmanship on wall space in the office, but instead that they will enjoy a more technology-forward means of doing this.

During CES 2018, Samsung Electronics brought up a vision they called “Workplace of the Future,” starting with the new Samsung Flip display. The brand new Samsung Flip WM55H claims considerably more collaborative digital learning that will help teams set up, conduct and summarize meetings.

Improving after both common flip charts made from paper and whiteboards, the WM55H appears like a familiar board, but is a lot more advanced. As many as 4 participants can put content or simply annotate the display simultaneously, either making use of their fingers or a unique dual-sided pen. Users can personalize their style of writing, color and size, and all marks are produced more clearly and concise with UHD resolution.

samsung flip

To make sure all participants have so much interactivity as possible, Samsung Flip includes device compatibility by way of wireless connectivity and also PC USB and mobile phone ports. Using Screen Sharing Features Participants Can Access Flip Content Using Their Pc Smartphones As Well As Tablets All With The Best Visual Quality. In addition, you’re able to broadcast your own content material from another device onto the Flip screen for unproblematic idea sharing.

The Samsung Flip tries to be as easy to use as possible, which explains why erasing is really as convenient as swiping using your palm, and looking for content can be as fast as scrolling back over the rolling stream (which is made up of up to TWENTY pages of composing space). You can also configure the display to either landscape or portrait depending on your liking. The screen can as well be placed on a unique stand (height-adjustable) or on a wall.

Any time you’re done using the Samsung Flip WM55H, all of the content is kept in a central database, which means you do not have to take a picture for making it last longer. In addition, a password-based security application guarantees that only authorized persons can gain access to information.

Seog-gi Kim, executive VP of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics, said: The often-flawed logistics from modern-day meetings make it possible for individuals to feel disengaged and for major ideas and discoveries to be lost. Today’s individuals desire better and more versatile technologies, and we really think that our new Samsung Flip display comes with unlimited possibilities for generating significant collaboration.”